Getting a New Perspective on Roofing

Metal Roofing – Who – What – Why – When?

Often times when we pick up the telephone many homeowners and clients ask us, “You don’t sell that junky barn roofing stuff, do you?!” and we reply, “NO! We have advanced metal roofing profiles that suit any home!” Worse yet, sometimes people have not yet heard of all the benefits of metal roofing and have not had a chance to view these beautiful roofs. With only traditional asphalt as a choice these home owners would be stuck in a endless cycle of replacing their roofs for a lifetime. Not the way to go. Get it done right the first time with our permanent metal roofing systems.

Our Custom Metal Roofing Systems

Home with Metal Roofing

One of Our Beautiful Metal Roofing Installs

OR Traditional Asphalt Shingles?!

Aphalt Shingles Gone BAD

Traditional Asphalt Shingles Gone Bad

What would you want for your home?


With Double AA Roofing as your Metal Roofing Installation company, you can feel confident that your home is in good hands and have piece of mind. We have knowledgeable and experienced employees to get the job done right. Not all contractors carry adequate insurance and are WSIB compliant. We carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance that is tailored specifically for roofing. We are committed to protecting both you and your home! We are an established business and are known for Metal Roofing Installations by word of mouth. We focus on small details that many new or large companies don’t and have a long list of client testimonials stating exactly that. Most roof leaks are not due to the quality of the roofing material but are the result of inexperience or poor workmanship. Double AA Roofing Inc. offers both quality materials and quality workmanship with a leak proof warranty. We take pride in our Metal Roofing Installations!


Metal Roofing offers so much more than any other roofing materials on the planet today. From it’s eco-friendly benefits to saving home owners money with UV energy star colours. It provides lasting protection with a unique 4-way interlocking system that has the highest wind and hail rating available anywhere. Homeowners are always amazed by both the curb appeal and beauty of these lasting roofs. With a True Lifetime transferable Warranty you can be rest assured you are covered for life! It is even transferable for up to 50 years upon selling your home. Now that is REAL coverage!


Top Reasons Why Metal Is Better

  • Lifetime Non Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Lower Your Home Energy Bills
  • Lower Home Insurance
  • Increase Your Home Equity
  • Warranty is Transferable up to 50 years if you sell Your Home
  • UV Protection Coating – Kynar 500®
  • Most Installations can Be Completed Around 1-2 days


Anytime you are thinking about replacing a roof, you owe it to your self to have a look at metal. There is no better time then RIGHT NOW, to get a free metal roofing estimate.

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    Metal roofing is a great idea to protect the home from environmental hazards. Most of the people are preferring metal roofing for their home. I have metal roofing on my house and i am very satisfied.