4 Metal Roofing Purchasing Tips to Get the Best Price

When you are ready to buy a new metal roof system for your home or business, knowing a few tips can help you get the best price possible. The fact is metal roofs have the distinction of saying that they are permanent and last a Lifetime. Metal Roofing comes at a few different price points considering all the options like thickness, style, colour and the type of roofing material you can buy. With a variety of beautiful choices metal roofing is premium product that will always have more of an upfront cost attributed to it as compared to traditional asphalt. However with these 4 insider tips you can still get a great price on real value and be assured that this is your absolute last roofing purchase, EVER.

1. Purchase Existing Inventory: 

In many cases a metal roofing company orders more initial material than what is required by a job. This is to ensure the installation crews will not run short on roof materials at the job. Roofing Companies also place large material purchase orders which results in lower pricing and in some cases an overstocked warehouse.

Most roofing companies will try and move that pre-purchased stock to liquidate the items as the clock starts ticking on its value. Once it accumulates some dust for a while, most business owners will have the urge to turn the overhead sitting in inventory into cash. Buying from a metal roofing companies inventory is always a great way to get a better price than having them purchase new material for your roofing project. Contact one of our sales staff directly and ask about Double AA Roofing’s current metal roofing inventory. We will also post promotions and events right here on our blog to keep you in the loop in the event of cash and carry and other promotional sales.

Metal Roofing Purchasing Tips

2. Be Ready to Buy Now: 

The desire to discount inventory metal roof material isn’t something that remains indefinitely. Our second tip for getting the best price on a new metal roof is to take advantage of this static inventory as soon as you know it will work for your home. Sales associates love dealing with Homeowners who are ready to buy and they usually get the best price by acting on deals that would be around forever. Sometimes Homeowners are still in the research stage are just “kicking the tires” this should really be done via the internet prior to any sales call. These clients often find themselves missing out on taking full advantage of a promotion or overage stock and just don’t have much leverage in regards to price if not ready to buy at the time of a sales visit. Clients that purchase metal roofing feel good about the investment because they know they are saving money with energy savings, increased property value and a True Lifetime Warranty.

Ready to buy a metal roof

3. Have an Idea of Your Roof Measurements:

Since the price of  and new roof  is based off of a take-off measurements and square footage it is probably a good idea to have a ballpark measurement in your hands. This tip can be a little bit tricky if you are not willing or able to go up on your roof top and start measuring your roof lines. Almost everyone would have someone able to do this for them if it can’t be done by themselves.  We also posted a link for How-To-Do-Roofing-Take-Off-Measurements. Often times we are surprised to see a variety of different quotes come into a client’s hands all with different measurements for one roof? Mistakes can happen and obviously a mathematical error will result in a bad quote with either a higher price or a shortage on material which you may find paying for at a later date. Nine times out of ten these measurements are flawless and done by professionals, but it is always a good idea to compare your numbers and do your due diligence.

Click Here to Read a Wiki on How to Measure a Home

Click Here to Read a Wiki on How to Measure a Roof


4. Order Everything All At Once:

Metal roofing is one of the only roofing products available where you can get all matching trims for your home. Roofing accessories like drip edges, valleys, hips, ridges and flashings all come in matching styles and colours which looks great after installation. These are also made of the exact same matching material as the main roof. While it’s not an absolute necessity that you order all of the accessories all at once, ordering  trim pieces all at the same time will avoid running around after the fact and paying extra for pieces that could have been included as all in price. Any professional will best advise you everything you need at the time of sale so be aware of what you’ll need in the way of accessories, and order them all at the same time to save even more on your new metal roofing system.

Roofing Measurements

We offer free metal roofing estimates, and we’re happy to provide you with any answers for your questions and of course work out the best price possible for your new metal roof.