Can Metal Roofing Lower Your HomeOwner Insurance?

Do Insurance Companies Offer a Discount on Metal Roofing ?

Metal Roofing can Result in Cheaper Home Insurance …

Metal Roofing Lowers Home Insurance

Homeowners may be able to get a discount on existing home owner insurance based on resilient roofing materials such as metal roofing. In certain provinces, use of qualifying durable roofing products may qualify for a discount. Premium reductions are not available for traditional roofing. Double AA Roofing qualify for metal roofs, that have been overlaid onto existing roofs.

We have been doing some research here at Double AA Roofing on behalf of our customers and we have found that StateFarm is one company that offers a rebate for strong roofing materials such as our metal roofing systems.

Also talk with local brokers to see if you qualify for home insurance breaks with your current policy provider.

Why Would Metal Roofing Lower Home Insurance?

Metal roofing is one of the most resilient roofing products in the industry and it has the ability to withstand all extreme weather conditions. With both the highest hail and wind rating available, metal roofing is a clear choice for safety. For this reason some insurance companies are providing a discount to homeowners who have a metal roofing system installed onto their home. This reduces the risk that the insurance company has with you as a client and therefore often times they pass on the savings on to you the homeowner. These discounts often provide large savings to the homeowner over the long term, you need to view metal roofing as in investment and how it can save you money not only in re-roofing costs but also on insurance and energy bills as well.

Metal roofing offers a level of protection and safety that you just don’t get with regular shingles.

Recently in Leamington Ontario Canada, we had a tornado come through our home town and wipe out many homes, our park and century old trees and landscaping. Many families and businesses were ravished in the damage leaving too many homes with leaks with out a roof or shelter. Double AA Roofing had provided metal roofing systems to 3-4 homes on Seacliff  Drive and HWY 18 and we were very pleased to hear that the roofing systems we installed literally made the difference in saving those homes. Metal Roofing makes a difference.

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Unfortunately weather conditions are only going to get more severe as time goes on, metal roofing is the best product in the roofing industry to protect your home and family, call us for any questions at 1-800-901-6884.