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Metal Roofing Quote for Ontario Homes and Buildings

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Double AA Roofing is a premium service provider of metal roofing quotes in the Southwestern Ontario area. We have been in business since 2003 and we install hundreds of jobs each year right here in Ontario. Metal Roofing makes more sense than ever with climate change, Canadian Winters and Harsh Summers. With every advancement made in Metal Roofing we our proud to provide a product that not only lasts a Lifetime but also is energy star rated and will give you a cost break on those heating and cooling bills. Our metal roofing panels utilize a specialized UV coating used to reflect the sun rays and keep energy costs at a minimum.

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What Factors Go Into a Metal Roofing Quote ?

1. The size of the roof.
The major factor here is size, the larger the roof the more cost for the materials purchased.

2. The slope of the roof.
12:12 pitch roof will require fall protection and will also slow down the workers some, we calculate this into the cost with easy, medium and difficult roof lines and slopes. This is only a small percentage but it does affect price somewhat.

3. What kind of prep work is required?

A metal roof can be installed over existing shingles, but you may request a tear-off or extra work to be done. Sometimes crews will identify problem areas and swap out plywood or parts of the roof deck. The extra costs again would be minor in most cases.

5. There are various types a metal roofing.
Double AA Roofing carries a variety of metal roofing products including standing seam, rib steel, Slate and Shingle Sytles and even an aluminum metal product which all comes at different price points.

6. How many angles does the roof have?
A simple Gable roof is quicker while a roofs with dormers and a couple of chimneys will definitely add some time with all the extra flashing and drip edge. These factors also effect cost just like pitch.

Get A Free Metal Roofing Quote from Double AA Roofing !

If you are currently evaluating your roof get a free metal roofing quote right from Double AA Roofing and be rest assured you are using the “Metal Roofing Experts” in Ontario.

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    I absolutely love metal roofs because of their durability, energy efficiency and the look they provide a home. Your quote factors make a lot of sense and the angles on the roof was something I didn’t even think of before.